About Us

  • Dean Rabbani is the founder and CEO of PrintOffice.com and has been in the printing and marketing business since 1999. His first experience in the industry came when working for his family’s printing company in Northridge, CA. That company is still up and running, in the same location, twenty seven years later.

    During his time with the family business, he learned more than just printing basics. He learned the value of excellent customer service and integrity as well. Dean carries those lessons with him today, as the founder and CEO of PrintOffice.com. With extensive knowledge and experience, Dean is an authority on the printing industry and works hard to maintain the same lessons he learned all those years ago.

    His lifelong commitment to his customers will give you peace of mind that your printing needs will be handled in a professional and courteous manner. You will get high quality printing services with the most affordable rates available, delivered within your time frame.

    In addition to his family business and PrintOffice.com, Dean has also been the founder of various other printing companies. If you’re looking for a company with experience handling large corporate accounts, print production, marketing, and more, look no further than Dean, and PrintOffice.com.